This is more like a hostage situation, than a negotiation.

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A local CVS is having some issues with their landlord:

A dispute over property ownership caused a large chain-link fence to be erected around a section of the CVS Pharmacy at 37 Riverside Dr. in Johnson City, a CVS spokesman said, making it more difficult for customers to access the store, and blocking the store’s handicap parking spaces. [WBNG News

Wow. Either the landlord is a major asshole, or CVS hasn’t paid their rent in years. I can’t imagine what other reasons the landlord would have to justify this reaction.

Worse yet, it seems like they’ve blocked off the handicap entrance and parking:

…the entrances to the handicap parking spaces were still barricaded by the chain-link fence.

That’s got to be breaking some kind of law. Its kind of surprising that the police haven’t been called to force the removal of the fence.

My favorite part: The only comment the landlord made to the report was that he was “out of town.”

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