This kid…

Mason hasn’t been a big fan of soccer, but he loves taking a good photo.

The Abandoned Howard Johnson’s

We have an early flight at an airport about an hour from home, so we got a hotel room last night. It was easy to find the place; it’s next door to the abandoned Howard Johnson’s.

Antigua and Barbuda

Heading off to a small island for a week with my wife for our anniversary. This’ll be our first trip without the kids in a long time. I’m really looking forward to doing nothing on a picturesque beach with a fancy drink and a book. 

I built some really terrible games

I’m interested in creating a VR application. The first step on this road is learning some of the tools involved, liked Unity. Unity is an application for developing 3d games. Some of the best apps I’ve used on the Vive are created with Unity. So I spent some time yesterday running through a few tutorials and…

Scale in Tilt Brush

Since discovering the ability to scale, pan, and rotate in 3D space, Tilt Brush has become an obsession. My latest scene explores the ability to create massive scale differentials with an amazing amount of detail. Starting small, I created a little campsite (complete with pillow, blanket, and lantern inside the tent), and then zoomed out…