Automatic Grand Meetup 2016

I recently attended my sixth Grand Meetup, the yearly tradition at Automattic where the entire company gathers together for a week. This year’s GM is a blur, as usual. I taught a class on user interface design (my first time!), played in the Automatic band, had lots of one-on-one meetings, spent a full day with […]

On Threaded Comment Design

Rian Van Der Merwe has an excellent write up on designing comment threads, comparing Reddit, Facebook, NY Times, and more. I really dig the explanatory graphic he made to show the different approaches: We’ve been working on the comment design for’s Reader, and this post falls in line with our thinking. Here’s some of the early […]

What I’m working on right now.

Its 11:46 AM on a Friday. I wanted a quick way to create a draft without having to open a new browser tab. Here’s a simple OS X menubar app for creating WordPress draft posts: Here’s a basic prototype: And here’s some more states for the app: