Automattic Grand Meetup 2017

Its hard to recall the week, but here’s a random collection of photos. And a time-lapse video from the drive into Whistler:

Automatic Grand Meetup 2016

I recently attended my sixth Grand Meetup, the yearly tradition at Automattic where the entire company gathers together for a week. This year’s GM is a blur, as usual. I taught a class on user interface design (my first time!), played in the Automatic band, had lots of one-on-one meetings, spent a full day with…

Team Delta in Lisbon

Some photos and a few videos from my week in Lisbon with Automattic’s team Delta—a brand new team that I’m joining to focus on making better for new users.  

On Threaded Comment Design

Rian Van Der Merwe has an excellent write up on designing comment threads, comparing Reddit, Facebook, NY Times, and more. I really dig the explanatory graphic he made to show the different approaches: We’ve been working on the comment design for’s Reader, and this post falls in line with our thinking. Here’s some of the early…

My First Meetup

Here’s a picture from my first Automattic Grand Meetup in Budapest. Hard to believe it was over 4 years ago. I’m looking forward to my 5th Grand Meetup this October in Utah.

What I’m working on right now.

Its 10:01 AM on a Wednesday morning. I’m creating some blueprints to outline the spacing and layout for the WordPress iOS app.

What I’m working on right now.

Its 10:02 AM on a Wednesday. I’m designing and building a prototype for the WordPress iOS app. The screenshot shows the project in Marvel. I’ve tried a few other prototyping tools, including Invision, but Marvel seems to be the smoothest and locks into my existing workflow in Sketch.

What I’m working on right now.

Its 11:26 PM on a Monday. I’m designing and building a prototype for the WordPress Android app. This is my first time prototyping an Android; I expect to learn a lot. Here’s the iOS prototype I started last week:

An interesting placeholder for loading images on Yummly

This made the rounds at work the other day. At first glance I assumed it was done with CSS gradients, but The Investigator discovered that they’re actually using trying images and stretching then to fit. Crazy like a fox. via Little Big Details

Automattic Meetup

I was fortunate enough to travel to Budapest, Hungary with the entirety of Automattic. It was amazing to meet everyone face-to-face, finally putting speech and mannerisms together with written words and code. One of the many highlights of the trip was getting to work with some people I don’t normally interact with — having some…

I’m in Budapest!

After a long 12 hours of traveling, I arrived in Budapest around 11:30am local time. Which is about 5:30am on the east coast. Its been a long day. But I’m excited for the week to come!

My Support Rotation

All new “Automatticians” are required to spend three weeks working as a “Happiness Engineer,” reviewing and answering customer support emails. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this requirement when I first heard it. But, I figured at the very least it’d be a good way to get to know some other coworkers, and ease my way…

The New Job

Just a few days ago, I accepted an offer from Automattic. I’ll be the designer for their (our?) VaultPress product. Upstate Interactive isn’t going away. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be passing control of the business to Andrea Dominick. Andi started out as an intern a few months ago, and has quickly show that…