A Whole New Web

I installed the Safari extensions for AdBlock and Ghostery yesterday. My internet suddenly feels significantly faster as sites load without any annoying ad junk. Its kind of amazing. Hell, even The Verge is loading fast for me now. Apparently these types of junk blockers are available now in iOS 9; Apple calls them “content blockers”—which seems […]

Apple’s Live Photos

The Verge gives a quick breakdown of Apple’s new Live Photos feature coming with the iPhone 6s. I mean, its interesting. Not new for sure, but interesting. I’m sure it’ll be super popular, but I simply can’t get behind the name “Live Photos.” The word “movies” is literally slag for “moving pictures.” Now, I don’t have […]

Apple TV, Local Storage, and “On Demand Storage”

According to MacRumors, the new Apple TV’s apps are limited to 200 MB of local storage, which doesn’t seem like a lot. Based on Apple’s documentation for tvOS to create an app larger than 200 MB will require the use of “On Demand Storage,” which essentially requires the device to download the assets each time its […]