Triggers have arrived

The triggers arrived today. They’re super simple, and with limited testing (my son, Mason, has played more today than I have) there was no need to be worried; The triggers work perfectly.  It took a few minutes to completely unscrew the lugs, but I think I’m going to appreciate the “permanence” of the triggers. They’re…

So much hardware…

I’ve continued to adjust the hybrid setup. I took the Roland v-drum rack, and disassembled it down to just three legs and two spans. I added an additional arm to mount the TD-12 module—one less piece of hardware to lug around. The Roland rack is super light, but can’t hold anything heaver than a pad. In…

Old Becomes New

  About a year ago, I bought a new drumset. That makes four kits in total; A new Tama Superstar kit, an older Tama Rockstar kit, a TD-12 v-drum kit, and a TD-9 v-drum kit. Shortly after I bought the new Tama kit, I refinished the old one. I removed the old, beat up, wine-colored…


“The more we dig, the more we find.”

Make a Mess

A writing professor of mine in college once told me the secret to writing: “Just start. Starting is the hardest part. You’ll be tempted to edit yourself, or obsess over details. You’ll be tempted to create a clean and polished piece of work. That’s impossible. Instead, focus on making a mess. Then, clean it up…

Al Gore Rhythm Gig Fliers

I’m in a 90’s cover band called Al Gore Rhythm. We’ve booked a few shows this summer and we wanted to hang a handful of fliers around town to advertise. Trapper Keeper and Saved By The Bell were huge inspirations.


One ideal we quickly adopted was “no chickens, only pigs”. Meaning only those truly committed to the meeting were allowed. Chickens make eggs; They survive. Pigs make bacon; They’re committed. I absolutely love this analogy. But I can’t help think that I’d prefer to survive the meeting. Maybe I’m a chicken?

Finished Yoshi

Made in Procreate in 4 hours and 5 minutes. Based on a google image search for Yoshi.

Mario, Take 2

Starting over with Mario, this time focusing on just his face.

Tonights Dinner

   Pasta, clams, and garlic, with spinach and green beans. And of course lots of parmesan.


Been practicing with the Apple Pencil by drawing some of my favorite characters. Homer came out pretty good. The shading on his arms turned out a little weird, as did the shape of his head above his left eye. Mostly traced from an image found on Google.

Today’s sketches

Thinking a little about what happens after you signup for, but before you’ve verified your email address — something I don’t love (forced verification), but I can at least understand our need for it right now.

Poe the Crow

Here’s another video of me painting in Procreate on the iPad:

Watch me paint

I’ve fallen in love with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro — the iPad really is massive. The pencil is super accurate, and feels great to use for hours on end. It really does remind me of traditional pencil and paper, but with all the advantages of digital. Procreate, the best drawing app I’ve found, has…

Team Delta in Lisbon

Some photos and a few videos from my week in Lisbon with Automattic’s team Delta—a brand new team that I’m joining to focus on making better for new users.  

Focal Zooms

How trippy is this: Same object, different focal lengths, keeping the object the same size in the viewport. Really cool. Found on giphy. Source: Focal Zooms


“I like the Rorschach quality of that icon.”