Automattic Grand Meetup 2017

Its hard to recall the week, but here’s a random collection of photos. And a time-lapse video from the drive into Whistler:

Automatic Grand Meetup 2016

I recently attended my sixth Grand Meetup, the yearly tradition at Automattic where the entire company gathers together for a week. This year’s GM is a blur, as usual. I taught a class on user interface design (my first time!), played in the Automatic band, had lots of one-on-one meetings, spent a full day with…

Scale in Tilt Brush

Since discovering the ability to scale, pan, and rotate in 3D space, Tilt Brush has become an obsession. My latest scene explores the ability to create massive scale differentials with an amazing amount of detail. Starting small, I created a little campsite (complete with pillow, blanket, and lantern inside the tent), and then zoomed out…

End of an Era

   That is a diaper changing pad. We tossed it out today. It served use well for over 6 years. We’ve finally reached the “no more diapers” phase of life. 

I can appreciate a hot cup of coffee by the open window on a cool morning—but it’s starting to feel like Fall. And that means Winter isn’t far behind.