So much hardware…


I’ve continued to adjust the hybrid setup. I took the Roland v-drum rack, and disassembled it down to just three legs and two spans. I added an additional arm to mount the TD-12 module—one less piece of hardware to lug around.

The Roland rack is super light, but can’t hold anything heaver than a pad. In other words, I can’t mount the real drum on this rack; Its to heavy for the rack clips to hold.

For now, I’ll have to use a wide floor stand just for the small floor tom. Thats added weight and floor space that I don’t want. My solution is going to involve converting another drum; a 16″ floor tom. Its a bigger drum, but it has its own leg stands built in — overall, I think it’ll be less floor space, and less weight.

I have a connection for one more pad. I’m not sure if I’ll use it for an additional cymbal, or just leave it empty for now.

The rest of the triggers come today. If things go well, I’ll be able to get it playing and hooked up for recording soon.

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