Virtual Drums: The Future From the 80’s

I finally got around to setting up my larger electric kit, the V-Drums. I’ve had a very minimal practice kit setup in my office for the past year-or-so, using the Roland TD-12 with 2 of the cheapo rubber pads, one cymbal pad, and the KD-8 kick pad. It was find for basic rudiments, but never quite worked for playing to some of the great drum-less YouTube videos.

This past weekend I took the morning and disassembled my practice and unpacked the full V-Drum kit:

V-Drums in pieces

The whole thing is pretty quick to put together, taking less than 20 minutes from pieces to playing:

Mason Playing V-Drums

I’m really loving the iPad stand I picked up a few weeks back—its perfect here (shown sans-iPad just above the TD-12 sound module) for practicing. I’m able to pull up the bands Dropbox account, chart out patterns using Reflow, or play along with a few of the iPad drum apps or YouTube videos.

It’ll take me a few more practice sessions to get the drums aligned right—I want to mimic my “real” kit’s setup as much as possible. Plus, I’m having trouble with the bass drum pedal and pad; I’ll likely need to replace the pedal soon.

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