LG 55″ TV

We bought a new TV. We went to Best Buy to look at our options. We like the LG 1080p display. It’s clear and crisp, as well as light weight with a thin bezel. We opted for the “non-smart” TV, since we already get Netflix (and the like) on our Apple TV and Wii U. It’s also $300 less for the same panel. Best Buy didn’t have the “non-smart” version in stock, so I used my phone to purchase it from Amazon – whilst in the Best Buy parking lot. There was no pay phone. (That’s for the Serial enthusiasts.)

Our poor UPS driver carried the large package down out driveway a few days later. Thankfully it remained in a single peice.

I mounted the TV to our hanging stand, thanks to a quick run to the hardware store to pickup the metric M6 bolts required by LG. Overall, the TV is a solid improvement over our 8+ year old 46″ Sony Bravia. The larger size is nice, but the picture quality is really amazing. 

I considered a 4K set, but the price and lack of content made me stuck with 1080p. In 6-8 years, when we replace this TV, I hope 4K (or maybe 8K) will be the norm. 

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