I think we have everything needed to make this in the cupboard. Maybe on the menu for tomorrow night.

Homemade and Wholesome

Here we are, waiting for “Sandy” to hit. She’s a hurricane. We are also expecting a nor’easter. The combination is what they are referring to as “the perfect storm” or a hybrid storm. Fortunately, we are not on the coast. We won’t have to worry about 16 foot waves. We live inland and are expecting 60 mph winds, up to 80 mph wind gusts and probable power outages.

During this time, I have bought minimal groceries in case we do lose power. You can only store so much in coolers. We have had plenty of experience with power outages. Since buying our house three years ago, we have gone without power about fifteen times. Some of those for just an hour, but most for days. Last year at this time, we lost power for nine days. That’s a long time without running water. See, we have a well and septic. No electricity =…

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