My Support Rotation

All new “Automatticians” are required to spend three weeks working as a “Happiness Engineer,” reviewing and answering customer support emails. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this requirement when I first heard it. But, I figured at the very least it’d be a good way to get to know some other coworkers, and ease my way in to the company.

At the end of this week, I’ll be wrapping up my time as a Happiness Engineer. And while I still have a week left, I feel like I’ve already learned so much about, the people who use, the Happiness team, and Automattic in general.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy helping people. Particularly, I enjoyed writing my replies. Even though I was often typing similar responses, I found myself trying to find the perfect tone and voice. I’ve been really focused on finding the best way to answer a question or provide information so that its easily understood. Its been strangely fun.

I’ve learned “alot” about Automattic, the company. I’ve learned that its a company of very smart people, always willing to help. I’ve learned that I’m free to do what I feel is right, and ask questions when I’m not sure. I’ve learned that even though you’ve never met, or even spoken to someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t “get to know” them. I’ve learned that email isn’t required. I’ve learned how to say “a8c.”

I’ve learned that customer support, no matter what you call it, is hard work. I’ve learned that someones probably written an detailed explanation in the Field Guide. I’ve learned that no matter how nice you are to someone, they can still be mad at you for something you didn’t do. I’ve learned that I’m really slow. I’ve learned to look at the history tab. I’ve learned that the Hapiness team is incredibly tuned-in to the current state of the company, products, teams, and so much more.

I’ve learned “alot” about over the last few weeks. So much so, that I’ve gained a whole new respect for the platform. Its done so much for writers, small business, and anyone looking to create a blog.

Since my initial hesitation, I think my time spent on the Happiness team was well worth it. I think its made my transition with the company much easier, and I’m glad I’m here for another week.

But next week. Next week is when I settle in to the Vault.

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  1. Hi Shaun! My name is Lindsay and I work in technical support and I just stumbled across this blog post in my quest to figure out how our company keeps its engineers closer to the customer! I loved your thoughts about your three weeks in support, particularly that it was a really valuable rotation for you, and I was wondering whether I could pick your brain about what types of activities were most helpful. I know that answering tickets is probably the number one activity but I would be curious to hear if there was anything else that was worthwhile or that you would have liked to encounter. I’m hoping to start up a rotation similar to this and would appreciate any suggestions you have 🙂 Thank you!

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